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My failed attempts to immigrate to Canada

In this post, I go over why I want to immigrate, what I did, and why I failed to succeed. It does not mean you can't succeed, as this is my personal experience, and things differ from one person to another.

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Cloud Development

To Manage or To Host

Just a small talk about whether it is worth to host your services or to offload the services to other provider

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Development PHP

Local WordPress development on mac

Using composer, you will be able to create your local WordPress development environment in no time

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wordpress logo

Natural disaster, your help is needed

Recently, the Turkish/Syrian borders were hit by a massive earthquake, so your help is needed.

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Development Personal

New rules for reading books

After so many years trying to read as much as I can, I think I found my best reading rules ever

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Cloud Docker K3s Kubernetes Mastodon Personal

Mastodon on K3s - Part 3

I'll talk about the different yaml files that we will create, to install Mastodon, PostgreSQL and backup our database everyday.

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Cloud K3s Kubernetes Mastodon Personal

Mastodon on K3s - Part 2

In this part I'll talk about configuring your servers so can connect your K3s instances together.

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Cloud K3s Linux Mastodon Personal

Mastodon on K3s - Part 1

In this part I'll list the hardware I use and the requirements you will need to run your own (personal) Mastodon instance.

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Cloud Development Docker K3s Kubernetes Raspberry PI on K3s & Cloudflare tunnel

n8n is a workflow automation platform that doesn't box you in, that you never outgrow, so why not to try it locally

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Cloud Development Docker K3s Kubernetes

Kubernetes terminology

sometimes, you need a reference for the terminology

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