By now you have heard the news, and you have seen the devastating images from both countries, Turkey and Syria.

While it is not for me to tell you what to do, or how to help or to whom you should donate, but you should know that your help is needed.

The death toll from the catastrophic earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria on Monday has climbed to more than 15,000 people, mostly due to a jump in the number for Turkey. The toll for Syria remains relatively static – although aid agencies have warned that the number will likely be much higher.

CNN Edition, Middle East.

Most of you know that I am Syrian who is currently living in Turkey, and seeing these images bring back memories that I tried hard to suppress, but you can't compare the natural disasters with war, one is caused by humans and the other caused by natural effects.

My post here has nothing to do with the war, my post is to encourage you to help in any way you can, I am not going to tell you which organization you should donate to, it is something you should decide by your own (Sadly 12years has taught me that not all organizations are the same).

So, any help you can provide is going to change someone's life, so if you can help just do it.

Rescue operations continue in Aleppo, Syria, on Tuesday. (White Helmets via Reuters)
Rescue operations continue in Aleppo, Syria, on Tuesday. (White Helmets via Reuters)

Syria (in general) has shortage of fuel to operate the machinery needed to rescue people, they don't have stable electricity, and getting the International help is not as simple as you think, its a complicated matter (more here).

Do what ever you can do, any small effort can help, put any political/religious differences aside, everyone needs your help.