This is why I can't be a mentor
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Not everyone can be a mentor or a teacher, some of us have this naturally, some don't have it at all, am from those who don't have it at all.

There are many reasons, why I can't be a mentor, and why I can't be a mentor, one of the main reasons is my temper, I can get angry fast, and most of the people will found my hard words as an insult to them as if I don't appreciate the work they do or even the experience they have, so lets me tell you for example what I can't understand nor able to work with.

  1. If you are going to tell me that you are a developer, let's say a Mac user who use Mac to develop iOS apps, I can't accept from you that you don't know how to use the terminal, or at least you don't know the most common command line commands.

  2. If you told me that you are a Laravel Developer, but you don't know what is the Collections class, nor how to use or what functionality it has.

  3. If you told me that you are a PHP developer, but you can't setup Vagrant on your computer.

  4. If you told me that you are an old Mac user, but you don't know how to deal with the Terminal, nor how to solve permission denied error.

So yes, at this point, I'll start to shout and start with the sentence are you a developer?

I can't help it, if you are a developer, then you should respect this word, and try to be good at it. Most of those who called developers out there have earned this title by working hard on learning so you are not an exception.

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