Should we keep working 24/7
Published 3 years and 11 months ago, Categorized under: Business, Personal

In the past few months, and the last year, everyone around me (and most of them from the EU/US) talked about how you should not be working 24/7 and that you should always take a break, have fun and enjoy the life after work.

I don't blame them, I mean it's not easy to work 24/7, it's not easy to run after your dream all the time, or at least try to improve your life and the life of those around you all the time, it's not easy and won't be. But those forget something, forget that the lifestyle you have in the EU/US is not the same that everyone around the world is having, for example, a recent article was talking about the hourly rates for the freelancers around the world, and am not talking about the whole world, am just going to talk about the one in my region, they said that the average is about $60/h (based on a sample from 130 persons from one country, Lebanon) so yes they have generalized 381M people (based on Wikipedia: The population of the MENA region at its least extent is estimated to be around 381 million people.) with only 130 person, so am pretty sure that this info is not correct, at least in my personal experience, in 10y of my work I didn't reach that hourly price at all.

So you should know, and I think you already knew, that the hourly rates around the world are not the same in the US/EU, also the cost of living is not the same too. But one thing is the same everywhere the cost of the apps/tools that the technical/programmer use around the world, so when you pay $9/m for your eLearning site, those in the other area of the worlds pay $9/M + some fees on the exchange rate, at the end the Credit Card they have is in local currencies not in USD nor EURO. And the same on computers and other hardware, for the $1000 Mac Air, they will pay about $1300 with taxes, the exchange fees.

All of this is a good info, but why am talking about this, to be honest, am talking about it because I saw a lot of people shaming other people in the social media because they have to work 24/7, yes some media agencies and many of the incubators try to show that the path to success is by working 24/7, which is not true, but also it's not something that everyone can just choose not to do, and sadly some business owners will be glad to fire those who don't work as the company wants.

So please when you talk about this topic publicly try hard to choose your audience correctly, try to show some empathy for those who have no other choice, at the end your message should be full of compassion not shaming.

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