Taking IELTS exam for the second time
Published 3 years and 11 months ago, Categorized under: Personal

I did a small update to correct the number of words required for the exam.

A few months ago, I tried my luck and went to take my first IELTS exam, without too much preparation nor studying, and am not justifying my results by this as it's not the case.

On last Saturday I went to take my second try, am not so optimistic about it, to be honest, as one of the most important section which pushed me to take it again is to enhance my English writing, and yes the writing test is the hardest part ever for me.

In the writing section, you will have 60min to write 400 sentences words, not any sentence, they will give you two tasks, one to write a letter (at least 150 sentences words), and the second task is to write about a topic (at least 250 sentences words), in this 60 min, you will not have much time to:

  1. Think too much about the topics
  2. Count what you have written, to make sure you reached the required amount of sentences.

Also, you will need to be careful about grammar, spellings and punctuation. It won't be that easy (at least for me) especially that from what I have noticed the IELTS exam will mostly depend on the Old English not the  modern one, you will have to know a lot of words (and I don't know much, as am comfortable with the Technical Terms more than the day today terms).

Am not so sure that I did a good exam, so am preparing myself to accept the fact that I'll have to do it again if needed :D.

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