What all Docker online courses have in common
Published 4 years and 11 months ago, Categorized under: Business, Code, Linux, Other

I have been reading and watching many videos and online courses about Docker in the last few months, I watched Cloud Academy courses (even the latest course), Cloud Guru course and many more in the internet and most of them either talk about the basics of Docker, no one talk about docker in deep or as advanced topic, most of the teachers either have a programming experience or working as a team leaders who care mostly about how to use Docker in your development environment, and when they talk about production they talk of how they publish a small scale apps (one with two containers on the local machine they are using).

So why is this? none of them has talk about Docker in a way which will help other team leaders or any programmers to know why should they consider Docker for production, yes this might be the case of SysAdmin, but the team leader should know at least the basics so he can see where Docker can fit with his team, at the end now a days we are all a DevOps.

Most of the courses scratch the surface of Docker, and most of them dont cover the full spec or the power of Docker, and I really wish to see someone who will do that, cause I started to lose the hope that someone will do that in the near future.

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