First test using Ubuntu bash on windows 10
Published 5 years and 1 week ago, Categorized under: Code, Linux, Other

Ok, so today I have updated windows 10 so that I can use Ubuntu bash on it.

The installation and the update is simple no need for me to tell you have you should do, but this is what I found and its annoyed me to hell ..

  1. I'll have to install all the apps I want to use on UBUNTU if I want to use it, cause it will not read the one I have on windows which is something I can understand based on the different arch between windows and linux.
  2. Many internet/network issues and its look like am lucky to face the one which they didnt solve (btw I dont use any antivirus only what MS install).
  3. I cant run ifconfig  at all ( and its look like this is an old issue  and this) .

So basically I will get back to Mac or use Docker on windows, cause without nginx my work is useless on windows, and since the network is not working am done here for now, I'll have to wait for the update (sh) .

UPDATE : I found that ICMP is not supported yet based on this comment and that's why Ping is not working.

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