Do we really need all those live streaming services ?
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My main question may not be clear, but now a days many companies started to create a live streaming functionality, we have periscope ( from twitter ), Facebook Live, and as I remember youtube has added the ability to live streaming from your mobile.

My concerns not about the service or the company which provide such service, even though its something we should always consider, but the impact which such services on our life, for example this is what I have noticed about periscope and how people use it.

  1. While they are driving the cars, I mean you are already putting your life in risk, why you need to put other people life in risks too ?? like for example a Famous Turkish actor badly wounded in car crash broadcast live on Periscope , yes he was not the one who recording the session, but he is not focusing on the road ??
  2. While you are in duty in your Military base ? I mean really ? you are in a military base and you are streaming ? am not sure if you ever read the manual about the military service and which acts are NOT allowed ? like taking pictures or streaming ??!!
  3. While you are in your work at the police station, at the office .. etc.
  4. While you are in the GYM, I mean really ??!! who care unless you are a trainer who has a life training session.
  5. While you are in the bed still a sleep ??!!
  6. While you are heading out of home, I mean really you are telling everyone and describe the structure of your home to everyone online ?? have you ever though that this might be a case where your home got robbery ?

And the list goes on and one, and am not going to list the usage where some under age teens using such service.

so do we really need such invasion to our privacy more than we already have ?

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