Hejaz Railway Station in Damascus
Published 5 years and 2 weeks ago, Categorized under: Other

In the past few weeks, in the Eid break, I went to Miniaturk where they have a Miniatures for every important place in Turkey which a tourist should visit.

But while I was there I found a miniature for Al Hejaz Railway station in Damascus, and any one who visited damascus, knows this especially if he/she like old trains, cause its still working and you will book your train ticket from there (this is old info as I have left Syria in 2012 ).

Now I got a small pictures and tried to be creative, not sure if you guys going to like it or not, but what this prove to me is that I do need a DSLR camera ;)

( unless someone has a plan to give it to me as gift ;D ) ..

To know more about Al Hejaz Railway Station in Damascus you can read this article from wikipedia.

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