The typical image of the Syrian Refugee
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Note : am not saying that some of the countries didn't help the Syrian refugees, all am trying to show that the media is only showing you what they think as a selling headline for them.

Five years has passed since everything has started, many Syrians has left their country running away from the death and the war, and yet the only image you see everywhere is the suffer and the dead bodies. am not saying that those are not real, we have people living every single situation you can imagine from the best situation to the worst situation.

My main point in this post to tell you that they are trying to hide the other part of the situation, the one which talk about how some Syrians has started their own business again (check this article -Published at July 2015 ) , the one which talk about how Syrians has supported the economic of the countries which they are living within right now, either by work force or by money.

recent study ( Published at March 2016 ) talk about the impact of the Syrian businesses in Turkey , and am quoting the following :

The paid-in capital of the 4,000 or so Syrian firms in Turkey amounted to around $220 million in 2015. This amount excludes informal firms and funds invested directly into the economy via real estate deals, business transactions using front companies, etc. According to the Syria Trade Office, a consultancy in Mersin, at least $10 billion of Syrian money has flowed into Turkey since 2011, mostly to its southern provinces. This may seem small in the context of an $800 billion economy, but the impact in provinces nearer to Syria and on Syrian businesses in larger cities like Istanbul’s “Little Syria” is significant.

Even in Saudi Arabia, and sadly there are no formal study nor they have any immigration law, the market has been supported with work force, and for cheap salary.

Most of the countries near Syria does not have immigration law, and when they talk about the refugee numbers they will include all the Syrians who come and stay in the country even if they are living on their own without any financial support from the country, and many times also without any legal support, so they will work under the radar cause they have no work permit: for example , quoting from the same study :

While Syrian firms range widely, they tend to concentrate in the restaurant, construction, trade, textile, real estate, travel, transportation, and foodstuffs industries employing a portion of the 400,000 Syrians working informally.

Some countries are now trying to fix this, as in Turkey since they stated that they will provide the Syrians with work permit which will help to make things much better for the Syrians and protect them, but also this will help the country too, as it will force all the companies to register any Syrian worker and pay the taxes/insurance which the law require. Also I read that Jordan is started to do something similar, but am not 100% sure about that.

Am not sure if you know that, but in the factory near you (or any work place), you might be able to find an engineer or a doctor who is working as normal worker behind the machine because he has no prove about his education, yet he can speak many languages, there is nothing wrong in his work, at least he is not begging for money, instead he is doing his best to live a decent live.

The bottom line of what I want to say, is this: The media is going to tell you that those are going to steal the job from you, they are going to steal money from you, they want to kill you, but they wont tell you that  those are people who lost everything and they are trying to start again, they wont tell you that those are going to help you build the country they live within and support the economy by paying taxes and produce more work or opportunities for others to work with them.

I will always be grateful to any human being who helped and still trying to help those who in need.

If you find any issue in my language just let me know and I will fix it, as the english is my second language, and am sure there are many grammatical mistakes which need to be fixed.

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