My thoughts on "Docker for Developers" book
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In the last few days I started to read a book called Docker for Developers and yesterday I finished it so here is some of the points which I liked/disliked about the book.

Please note that this is just what I have in my mind, and based on your knowledge you may disagree with me, so please don't judge on the book unless you read it.

I liked that the book was talking about docker in more detailed way than any other book I read which targeted programmers ( or at least PHP programmers ).

The author Chris Tankersley , started with the installation process, and what you will expect if you are not working on linux, and the difference method you will use to install docker on your development OS.

Then he talked about docker and how it works, start to explain the commands and simply how to download and run a docker image.

The book then goes into more details on how to connect images with each other and how to create a real application architecture ( separating PHP/MySQL and Web server layers) , and how to connect them together then how to customize the image for your own needs by creating a custom image.

He talked about the tools and how to use them to create the nice (or lets say the perfect) env for you to work with.

The thing that I was expecting from this book (and trust me he is a very good book) is an explanation of a real life usage for docker, as this is the hardest part for me, I cant say to my team lets work with docker without knowing the real life usage, or at least how to deploy the images which I have created from my development environment to production environment (I know just push it to docker hub but then what, do I need to do the pull every time .. etc) , I guess the book was intended to be a way to create an environment which Mimic the production environment, but in real life ( at least in my life ) the development environment comes first.

I wished he had covered this part from a developer point of view , as most of us is working as DEVOps and trying hard to do more than one thing at once.

If you asked me if I advice you to buy this book, my answer will be Yes, just go and buy it, try to share your thoughts with the author cause I know all of the authors are eager to enhance the books they wrote ..

My final word for Chris, thanks for publishing this nice book ..


UPDATE : I got a notification from Chris telling me that he will try to cover the deploying to production part soon.

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