Quality over Quantity
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Last time I have talked about the idea of being a better example for everyone around you, to be a motivational to anyone works with you, today I will talk about the idea of Quality over Quantity especially if you are building a product.

In general Business has two main sectors :

  1. Services.
  2. Products.

So when you provide a service, most of the time its a one time thing examples :

  1. Booking a hotel room.
  2. Renting a car.
  3. Hosting a website.
  4. Renting servers.

Your customers will only use your service for one time, and it wont be something continuous, am sure you are not living in a hotel room all the time, at some point you will leave the hotel and have a house.

But you need to note that even though points 3 & 4 is listed as a service in my examples, many other think of them as a product not a service.

For me, products is something like:

  1. Electronic devices ( Computers, TV or washing machine ).
  2. Car manufacturing.
  3. Softwares.
  4. Hardwares.

and many more, even though many other examples might listed under a gray area where its a service but also a product.

Any way, what I was talking about is simple, you need to care about the Quality of your work the same way you care about the Quantity, at the end people will not keep purchasing your service or product if the quality was bad, unless your price is so low which gives them a reason to ignore the quality, like some of the chinese products you bought from the $1 store.

I though I was going to write a long article about this but then I found that its should be short and simple.

If you are creating a $1 product with no quality, you can keep working on that, people might ignore the quality issue, and your name will always be the guy who sell the $1 products, but if you care about your name, your image and your product, you should think more about the Quality you are producing.

PS: if you find any grammatical issue let me know, at the end english is my second language.

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