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I know that the title is some how ambiguous, but to be honest most of what I will say in this small post can be applied on : life, work or even home.

Every day we see a new project, a new company, a new startup or a new something comes to life, and we cant be more happy from the innovations we see and even we deal with every single day, but what is the relationship between what am saying and the title of Being a better example ?

A lot of times I see projects or companies working and create a nice project/product but the problem is that the execution is bad, and trust me I know what does it mean to be bad in executing a good idea, at the end we failed with our nice idea Msrofi (google it if you don't trust me).

Its really a bad idea to just care that your project/product is only working and doing what it should do, you need to care about the small details which your product/project was built upon, for example you can just take a car made out of papers just because its a car and you can drive it, you need to care that the surface is made out of papers which mean there is no protection for you at all, at anytime the car will stop for any small issue.

When you create a product/project you need to care about the following:

  1. The team
  2. The code
  3. The execution
  4. The final product

and I have put the product at the end cause you will get nothing if you didn't care about the other 3 points.

Be a better example for your team, educate your self, help them to improve themself, always push them to be better at anything they create not just Make it work.

Make it work rule may work for you for the first few years, but trust me it will kill you when you are trying to maintain your code, or your team code.

If you find yourself lake the experience in something try to push yourself to have what you are missing, and let your team see that you are doing your best to enhance your experience, this will give them a motivation to work harder and produce a better quality code.

Now a days Testing is something big, and every one is talking about it, if your team does not write any tests try to push them to do so, don't just care about Quantity, you must care about the Quality too, at the end your name and the name of your company is going to attached to the Quality of the company products.

Another example, you are a designer who write bad HTML code? try to improve your code, try to follow the standards, improve your style improve everything, at the end the standards was created to follow not to Ignore, designers knows exactly how it feels when IE6 was around and it was Ignoring all the standards out there.

Any company which has no innovations nor any improvements, each 3 months should think again, should think twice, as the technology now a days does not last more than 3 months ( for example some frameworks release a new version each month or so), you need to push your team to the sky, but never ever try to be a bad example for them.

If you dont care, they will not care, even if you care but you did nothing to change you will end up with either bad quality product or bad quality code, and in both situations you are doomed.

The same rules applied for Open Source Projects, if you are the maintainer of a project and you act bad, everyone will follow you, and then we will have a community full of bad programmers.

Bad habits is easy to stick around and hard to go away, so start from now, try to remove any bad habits you have, try to be a better example for your team, your family and even for anyone around you.


PS : if you find any language mistakes please let me know, as english is not my native language.

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