Level up your Laravel skills
Published 6 years and 3 days ago, Categorized under: Code, Laravel, PHP

Today I will list some of the new books which I have found on the net talking about laravel :

  1. Mastering Laravel (July 2015) : Develop robust modern web-based software applications and RESTful APIs with Laravel, one of the hottest PHP frameworks .
  2. Learning Laravel's Eloquent (July 2015) : Develop amazing data-based applications with Eloquent, the Laravel framework ORM
  3. Laravel 5 Essentials (April 2015) : Explore the fundamentals of Laravel, one of the most expressive and robust PHP frameworks available .
  4. Laravel 5.1 Beauty (UPDATED JULY 16, 2015) : Leveraging the power of Laravel 5 to create a simple, clean and beautiful blogging application and the administration area required to maintain the blog.

that's all for today, I will try to keep up with what ever I found on the net, and if I got the chance to read any of those I will create a small/fast review about it.

If you know any new released book let me know

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